Plastic surgery in South Korea

Today, South Korea is on the list of the first countries practising the most plastic surgery in the world. Moreover, plastic surgery in South Korea attracts so many tourists who come from all over the world to visit it in order to undergo an aesthetic intervention so as to improve their physical appearance as well as to enhance their self confidence and meet the society's standards for physical beauty as today, no one denies that beauty is very important and contributes to one's mental well-being.


The cost of plastic surgery in South Korea

The price of plastic surgery in South Korea is advantageous and very interesting, you will benefit from a high quality medical stay and be operated on by the best plastic surgeons in the most modern clinics in South Korea, so, ask for a free online quote to get the cost of the aesthetic intervention South Korea of your choice.

How to find the best plastic surgery clinics in South Korea ?

To undergo your plastic surgery in South Korea in security, you will have to follow these recommendations :

Make your research carefully

The most effective method to find plastic surgery clinics in South Korea is to do your research, then you will find various clinics and opinions of patients based on their experience, you can also ask your relatives or friends.

Don't let yourself be seduced by fake opinions and fake before and after photos

There is an important misconception that is created in your mind by creative advertisements of before and after photos of plastic surgery from which you cannot judge 100 % real results. In most cases, the before photos are taken without make-up on the patient's face, while the after photos are taken in bright lights with make-up. It is therefore strongly recommended that you do not rely solely on images.

Don't just choose a clinic

You don't have to choose a clinic based on patients’ feedback or recommendations from some people. This is not all to consider before choosing a clinic for your plastic surgery. Since a surgeon must perform the surgery on your face or body, it is very essential to have enough information about him. Trusting blindly or following the recommendations of others is really a very bad idea, you have to be sure of the reputation of the clinic as well as of the surgeon.

What are the plastic interventions performed in South Korea ?

Plastic surgery in South Korea is recognized thourghout the world and many tourists visit it to undergo their aesthetic interventions that are as follow :

Facial surgery such as facelift to eliminate wrinkles and signs of aging, rhinoplasty to improve the appearance of the nose, otoplasty to correct the protruding ears and genioplasty to correct the appearance of the chin (whether it is move forward or backward).

Breast surgery : it concerns all the interventions that concen the breast such as breast augmentation with implants to enlarge the volume of the breasts through the insertion of implants, breast lipofilling which aims at enlarging the size of the breasts using the patient’s excess fat, breast lift to firm up the sagging breasts and breast reduction to lighten the size of very large breasts that can be a source of discomfort.

Silhouette surgery : it consists of many interventions such as liposuction to remove the excess fat from the different areas of the patient’s body, tummy tuck to have a flat abdomen, buttock augmentation with implants to increase the volume of the buttocks through the insertion of implants, buttock lipofilling, arm lift, thigh lift and buttock lift.

Plastic surgeons in South Korea

Plastic surgeons in South Korea are internationally well known, competent, experienced and qualified, they respect medical ethics, are very attentive to the desires of their patients and do their best to make them feel secure and confident as it is very important for a surgeon to have human qualities and understand all the expectations of his patient for a successful intervention, that is why plastic surgery in South Korea attracts many people.


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