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IOL Tunisia

An intraocular lens (or IOL) is an artificial tiny lens made of acrylic or silicone. It used to replace the eye’s natural lens that can be removed for patients with cataract. IOL implantation improves the vision. 
IOL implants are all about a third the size of a dime with UV rays protecting material that coats the lenses. So that to protect the patients ‘eyes. We can distinguish different types of IOL’s:
Toric IOL:
This type of implant is restricted to patients having astigmatism, or those who have a football-shaped cornea rather than a round cornea. This condition induces to a blurry vision. This type of lens lessens astigmatism without the need to wear glasses for correction.  
Accommodating IOL:
These lenses are flexible and act like natural lenses.  They allow the patient to focus at more than one distance.
Multifocal implants:
They are lenses with areas that help the patient see things at different distances. The patient needs few months to learn how to choose the right focus.
Monofocal IOL:
The most common implant. Unlike the natural lens, it has one focusing distance: up close, medium or distance vision. In other words, wearing glasses is necessary to adjust the patient’s focus according to his/her activity.

Iol surgery prices in Tunisia

The price of lens surgery is determined by different factors. IOL’s are permanent, they are designed to last a life-time. We offer our patients the best lenses, and the best aftercare. Please contact us to as for a free quote.

Iol implantation surgery

The surgeon numbs the eye’s patient with anesthetic drops. He also gives the patient relaxing drugs. During the surgery, the patient may see light and feel slight pressure. The surgeon places the implant through a very small cut that he makes in the cornea, so that he can reach the natural lens. But, first he breaks up the lens to prepare its easy removal. Once he finishes, he places the artificial lens. The surgery takes 15mn and the patient can be released within an hour.

Iol aftercare

Complete recovery requires nearly 8 weeks. To ensure the best recovery and results, the patient needs to keep his/her eye covered even while sleeping. Eye drops will be prescribed to accelerate the healing process. It is recommended not to press or rub the eye and to avoid heavy liftings.

Iol Tunisia results

Intraocular lenses implantation has had outstanding success in improving the patients vision.