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Genioplasty (Chin reduction or chin augmentation) is a surgery that aims at reshaping the chin, it can be done by contouring the chin bone or by the placement of an implant. It has an everlasting aesthetic result in harmonizing the face and balancing its contours. Genioplasty is usually done in combination with other facial contouring surgeries such as rhinoplasty or neck liposuction. It can be done isolated to improve neck and chin contours.

Anatomic areas:

The chin


  • Chin barely visible or not visible at all .
  • Very long chin.

We can summarize the objective of this intervention by saying that it can make the chin visible or less imposing in comparison with the rest of the face.

Approximate duration of the intervention:

This intervention lasts 1 Hour.

Postoperative instructions:

  • Pain: moderate and temporary. Relieved by painkillers or bladders of ice .
  • Appearance: Oedema and sometimes bleeding from the mouth, it can also cause insensitivity it the lower lip.
  • Care: Compressive bandage.
  • Rest: From 6 to 8 days.

Complementary interventions:

The chin surgery can be associated with other maxillo-facial interventions especially the rhinoplasty : when it comes to restore facial harmony or blepharoplasty. No problem with any other additional intervention in any part of the body if the patient's health condition allows it.