Teeth whitening Tunisia

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Teeth whitening Tunisia

Several products such as tea, coffee or cigarettes end up damaging the teeth. Over the years, the teeth eventually lose their natural luster and become more yellowish. Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure that makes this process reversible yellowing and offers the possibility to regain a bright smile which dares to show.

Teeth whitening Tunisia prices

In Tunisia, teeth whitening as well as other dental procedures are performed by experienced dentists at reduced prices cheaper than in Europe. Contact us to ask for a free quote.

Teeth whitening, the procedure

Two teeth whitening treatment options are available for you. They can be made univocally or in a mixed way.

Chair bleaching

The entire treatment is performed in the dentist's office. Professional teeth-whitening is performed with the use of (power whitening) or Laser whitening. To minimize the number of sessions, highly concentrated and very effective whitening products are used.

Proven techniques used by our dentists are also effective to reduce the time of each session (around 30 minutes) and solve heavy indications as those offered by smokers.

Home bleaching

During the diagnosis, the surgeon takes the prints of the jaws from top and bottom. These prints will enable him to carry out gutters in which he will put a bleaching gel.

During the second session in Tunisia, the patient tries his gutters then will be informed about the terms of use of the device at home.

Teeth whitening Tunisia results

Recently, this practice has been revolutionized by the application of the gutter, highly maintained and which is placed under a UV light. The result is a teeth brightening one or two tones for an effect that lasts about five years. On condition to avoid products which yellow or stain the teeth, to stand for good dental hygiene and make regular cleanings.