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PRP Tunisia

Hair-loss PRP injections therapy is an advanced option for hair restoration. PRP injections Tunisia stimulate the growth of new hair follicles. Platelet-Rich Plasma are extracted for the patients’ blood. After spinning the blood, the surgeon separates the platelets from the other cells. Then, he adds the platelets to the liquid part of blood i.e. plasma. Being rich of proteins, platelets promotes hair restoration, wounds healing, etc.

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The PRP Therapy

As an innovative technique, there is no standard process set to make PRP. The doctor needs a sample of the patient’s blood.
Then, the doctor places the blood into a centrifuge to separate its components. Blood spinning takes about 15 minutes. Once the plasma is separated, it is prepared to be injected in the area that requires PRP treatment. The whole process takes nearly one hour. PRP injections can be combined with hair transplantation to stimulate hair growth.

This treatment is for localized baldness.

After PRP injections

Though it is a numbing medicine, the shots may hurt. But, PRP injections imply no side effects.

Redness or swelling may appear on the area of the head.

The patient can resume his professional activities immediately.

PRP results

The therapy provides very promising and natural results which are not immediately recognizable. However, few months later, you may notice thicker hair than you have expected.

The results appear after a few sessions.

This technique is very effective and the patient will thus obtain a dense hair and be satisfied with his new hair.