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Beard transplant Tunisia

Beard transplant is a plastic intervention performed in Tunisia and aims at densifying and modifying the shape of the beard or filling the holes caused by a beard that grows irregularly.

It allows to remove hair from the top of the neck and reimplant it on the face.

This procedure allows men to regain self confidence by feeling more comfortable and virile, but also to hide possible scars.

Beard transplant price in Tunisia

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For whom?

This plastic intervention is indicated for men who would like to:

Create a complete beard because of a poorly developed or absent hair in that area. Redesign their beard on the cheeks when the hair is too low and has an irregular density.

Fill in holes caused by hair loss, causing hair to fall out in patches, giving a dingy appearance.

Hide possible scars such as acne scars on the cheeks or a scar on the upper lip due to an accident for example.

Minimize or emphasize certain facial features such as men with a small chin.

However, it is not recommended in these cases:

If you have clotting problems or are on blood thinning medication, you should not have this procedure.

Similarly, if you suffer from a cardiovascular disease or an infection of the beard and scalp.

Certain psychiatric disorders can be an obstacle to the realization of the intervention.

Finally, certain allergies or respiratory insufficiencies may also prevent you from having this procedure.

During the preoperative consultation, your surgeon will tell you whether you can undergo it or not and this according to your case.

Beard transplant Tunisia : how is it performed?

Before beard transplant in Tunisia, the surgeon examines the patient to decide with him on the appropriate technique that will be used and the areas to be densified.

Moreover, he will explain him all the process and give him recommendations such as to avoid smoking and taking aspirin one month before the procedure and also to stop consuming alcohol.

It is realized under local anaesthesia.

Like hair transplant, there are many ways to perform beard transplant and this according to your case:

FUE technique (Follicular Unit Extraction):

It consists of harvesting the grafts one after the other in a manual or automated way. It has the advantage of not leaving a scar in the neck, where the grafts are taken.

FUT technique (Follicular Unit Transplantation):

It allows to remove more hair because it works with the removal of a strip behind the neck. However, it leaves a visible scar unlike FUE technique.

Beard transplant Tunisia : aftercare and recovery

The recovery of beard transplant performed in Tunisia is simple.

You can resume your professional activities a few days later, but you must avoid sun exposure.

A slight swelling may appear in the cheeks one to two days after the procedure. The patient may also experience some itching and redness.

Scars in the form of small dots can also be seen and will disappear completely after two or three days. Small scabs will then form on the grafts. The implanted grafts will fall off with the scabs after five to seven days. The definitive hairs will grow back after the third month.

The results

The results of beard transplant realized in Tunisia are excellent, hairs grow as if they were natural and the patient regains self confidence.