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In the modern concept of facial rejuvenation, the essential thing is to achieve a natural result, avoiding surgical marks and limiting scars. The endoscopic facelift is an effective technique to eliminate signs of aging at the upper and middle third of the face and which make it appear tired and severe.

It is a minimally invasive technique, which provides a moderate natural tension to the soft tissues of the face leading to the redistribution and restoration of facial volumes for a natural and harmonious result.

Endoscopic facelift price in Tunisia

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How is it performed?

The introduction of endoscopic techniques is an important innovation in the techniques of plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, modifying the way treatment of various problems is approached surgically.

But, first of all, the patient must have a preoperative consultation with the surgeon so as to examine him and according to this preoperative consultation and to his case, he will tell him if he can undergo it or not.

Then, the surgeon will explain him the process of the intervention with its advantages, results, recovery period...

Blood analysis must be done before the procedure so as to be sure the patient is in a good health and can have the procedure without problems.

Avoiding smoking is recommended before and after the intervention.

The patient must stop taking aspirin before the operation and follow all the recommendations of his surgeon, moreover, he should inform him if he is taking medications or suffering from certain diseases.

The endoscopic facelift is a surgical procedure of skin tightening recommended for the treatment of defects of the upper third of the face (bags, drooping eyebrows, frown lines, crow's feet, etc.). In this minimally invasive surgery, no extensive cuts are made, the surgeon only needs to make small incisions (2 to 3 mm) through which a small video camera is inserted under the patient's skin. Thanks to the technology, the endoscopic facelift optimally corrects and smoothes the signs of aging on the face to obtain a youthful facial appearance.

Endoscopic facelift Tunisia:aftercare and recovery

After your endoscopic facelift in Tunisia, you can notice the appearance of swelling and bruising that willl disappear progressively with time.

You can resume your professional activities after one week, according to your case and the recommendations of your surgeon.

Scars are minimal and completely hidden in the hair.

Recovery is fast.

Endoscopic facelift Tunisia results

The results of endoscopic facelift in Tunisia are very natural and there are no particular complications. Scars are minimal (2-3mm) and completely hidden in the hair.

Thanks to this intervention, patients obtain a brighter and more youthful appearance and thus, they feel happier and more confident after the procedure which also improve the quality of their lives either socially or personally.