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Arm lift Tunisia

Arm lift or plastic surgery of the arms is designed to tone flabby arms which look like bat wings. The surgery tightens the loose skin, so that the triceps would look sleeker rather than being flabby. Skin sag in the upper-arm area is due to a rapid or massive weight loss or natural aging.

Upper-arm area surgery Tunisia cost

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Arm lift surgery

Arm lift is a plastic intervention and the most effective surgical treatment for sagging skin on the arms. There are two main surgical techniques to perform the procedure:

Standard arm lift

The standard arm lift implies the use of an incision in the bicipital groove i.e. along the upper area from the elbow into the underarm area. This approach removes excess skin and fat. The surgery leaves visible scars.

Limited-incision arm lift

A limited-incision brachioplasty is recommended to the patients who are willing to get rid of excess skin which is close to the armpit. The surgeon removes the skin through an incision that he makes in the underarm area. The scars are less visible. In some cases, the surgeon would resort to liposuction, for patients who have enough skin laxity with small fat deposits. Such a minimally invasive technique can also be combined with brachioplasty for better results.

After arm lift surgery

Recovery from brachioplasty depends on each patient. But, in most cases, it is quite simple. Pain medications are not necessarily needed. It is just recommended to limit intensive activities that involve the use of the arms during the first month. You will have to follow all the instructions of your surgeon.

Brachioplasty Tunisia results

The results of arm lift surgery Tunisia are long-lasting and immediately visible. It is possible to maintain the arms firmness and tightness provided that you stick to general fitness.