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Cataract surgery Tunisia

A cataract is a condition that affects older people. It is characterized by vision troubles. It can affect both eyes or one eye. The condition gradually interferes with the vision. We can distinguish different types of cataract that include:

- congenital cataracts
- posterior subcapsular cataracts that only disturb the back of the lens
- cortical cataracts

The condition is either associated with genetics, aging or medical conditions. Cataracts rarely affect babies and children. Surgical removal of the affected lens is the most effective treatment for cataracts.

Cataract surgery cost Tunisia

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Cataract procedure

Surgeons resort to cataract surgery to place artificial lenses instead of the affected ones. Patients who have cataracts in both eyes have to undergo the surgery separately at four weeks of interval.
Like refractive eye surgeries, the procedure is short. It lasts nearly fifteen or thirty minutes and it is performed under local anesthesia with the use of numbing drops. The replacement of the lenses is very fast. Patients will have multifocal plastic lenses.

Cataract surgery aftercare

After undergoing the surgery, the surgeon places a patch over the eye. Patients need assistance to go home. The surgery is not painful. But, patients have to protect their eyes with sunglasses. Haziness, itching, and fluid discharge are temporary. Complete recovery takes 8 weeks.

Cataract surgery results

Cataract surgery is very effective. Patients can distinguish colors and less sensitive to bright lights.