Breast augmentation Tunisia

Boob job or mammoplasty is the classical breast augmentation surgery. It is performed to enhance the size and volume of women’s breasts. Boob job or breast augmentation Tunisia implies the insertion of breast implants under or over the breast muscles. Breast implants surgery in Tunisia is a wide success, in some cases, and for more effectiveness, it might be recommeded to resort to other surgical techniques like breast lift or even to opt for non-surgical options such as cosmetic fillers.


Breast implants cost Tunisia

Breast implants surgery Tunisia is very affordable. Indeed, Med Espoir agency promises its patients to supply them with the highest quality of care during their medical stay in Tunisia. Our price includes the journey fees, the pre-surgical and post-surgical consultations, breast augmentation surgery as well as post-operative aftercare.

Breast augmentation, the procedure

Breast augmentation implant surgery is carried out under general anaesthesia in 60 or 90 minutes. It can be an outpatient surgery. The procedure involves incisions that the surgeon draws in the breast crease. The implants’ position is first determined during the first consultation, before you undergo the surgery. They can be placed either between the breast tissue and chest muscle or just behind the muscle or partly under the muscle, and under the breast tissue.

Breast augmentation result

Your breasts would gradually look and feel more natural after few months. The patients can have mammograms for breast cancer screening. Obviously, they can be less accurate with implants. That’s why, it is important to inform the radiographer about them. Yet, it is usually safe to have mammograms. They do not cause protheses rupture. Indeed, they reveal implants rupture.


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