Bichectomy or Hollywood Cheek Surgery in Tunisia

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The principle of bichectomy or Hollywood Cheek Surgery is to remove these fatty structures present in the thickness of the cheek. This is called ablation or reduction because these Bichat balls are extended to the temple area where they are preserved. This ablation will therefore make it possible to reduce the convexity of the cheek, to reduce the roundness of the cheeks and to slightly hollow them out. In this way, the curvature of the face at the level of the cheeks is reversed and the cheekbones are brought out. The face is then more harmonious and appears more dynamic. This surgery is proposed to women as well as men.

Price of bichectomy in Tunisia

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Bichectomy: for whom ?

Bichectomy in Tunisia is performed in patients with a round face, jowls or "hamster" cheeks. With this technique, the volume of the face is reduced giving a better definition of the facial contour. In most cases, a medical examination, auscultation and blood test are sufficient to prepare for surgery and to be sure that the patient can do this intervention without problems.

Procedure of Hollywood Cheek Surgery

Like the facelift surgery, different anaesthesia modalities are possible. A local anaesthetic of the mouth or a local anaesthetic potentiated by sedative drugs (administered through the veins) is usually performed. A general anaesthesia can also be performed for your comfort or if you are phobic about needlesticks. An incision is made through the mouth, leaving no external scar. The fat beneath the muscle is therefore extracted under control through this route until the patient's desired result is achieved. The incision is then closed with absorbable sutures that do not require external bandages.

After bichectomy

Edema of the lips and cheeks is quite frequent and sometimes significant. Mobility is almost always decreased at the beginning. Pain will be relieved by painkillers. The application of ice to the cheeks is strongly recommended to reduce swelling which is often significant in the first few days after surgery. Excellent oral hygiene is essential and mouthwashes will be prescribed for this purpose. Teeth and gums should be cleaned with a soft brush after each meal, a water spray can also be used, antibiotics will be prescribed. It is strictly forbidden to smoke 1 month after the surgery.

You must sleep with your head elevated by pillows. If the presence of oedema and bruises makes you uncomfortable It will take about 7 days of a complete eviction from the social and professional life, otherwise, you can resume work within 2-3 days. In order to obtain healing in good conditions, certain recommandations must be taken : food must be lukewarm or cold, while avoiding too hot, too spicy or too acidic food.

Results of bichectomy

A period of two to three months is necessary to have a good appreciation of the result, bearing in mind that the final aspect is generally obtained after about six months.