Dental implants Tunisia

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Dental implants Tunisia

Dental implants are relatively expensive. But for some people who suffer from abnormalities of the teeth, they are indispensable. Prosthetic replacement is an effective dental care for missing teeth. The artificial root tooth is made of titanium. A material that makes osseointegration easier. Dental implants can replace either a single tooth or more for toothless patients.

Dental implants costs in Tunisia

Dental treatments such as dental veneers, teeth whitening and dental implantology are very effective treatements in Tunisia. We provide cheaper prices than in Europe. Contact us to ask for a free quote.

Dental implants surgery

Tooth reconstruction requires both healthy gums and bones. The implant is a technique of frequent dental surgery but still little known. A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is embedded in the jaw bone. It is used to replace the root of a damaged tooth or torn and to firmly support the dental prosthesis which is adapted secondary by the dentist. The quality of an implant is determined both by the choice of good material and especially the right specialist. The surgeon makes an incision into the gum followed by the introduction of the implant, generally titanium screws he contains the gum.

In a second step, the surgeon creates an opening in the gum to remove the cover screw then places a titanium abutment or cover screw connecting the implant to the prosthesis. Finally, such a natural tooth, the definitive prosthesis is made classically. The surgeon can also place the abutment and the implant at the same time

After dental implants procedure

As after any dental surgical treatment , it is very natural to experience discomfort, pain, and bleeding during recovery time. The patients should expect to have swollen faces and gums. The conduct of the bone healing takes between six weeks to six months.

Dental implants Tunisia results

Dental implants are designed to be long-lasting, at least 10 years. It is possible that they last a lifetime if they are well maintained. They provide a natural appearance and help the patients to be more confident.