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Stay Tunisia

To follow the guide

When things are made with order and method, they manage to 100%. Here are 8 clear steps of your plastic surgery trip in Tunisia with MedEspoir.

To welcome you

  • Approximately before one hour of the landing of your plane. In addition to the registration of your arrival time and flight number, we use a tracking service flights in real time so as to be on time to welcome you at the airport.
  • An assistant driver will be waiting for you behind the passage customs. Fluent in French, he will be your companion for the duration of your stay and will be at your disposal.
  • Our assistant will be waiting for you at the airport with a sign on which your name or the name of the clinic is written

To accompany you

  • Our assistant will accompany you directly to the clinic to spend a first night of rest before meeting the plastic surgeon for the pre-operative consultation.

To make sure you are well settled

  • Once you arrive at the clinic, we make sure you reach your room quickly so as to unpack your luggage. We also ensure your comfort with your companion if you have one.
  • Med Espoir detached assistant is there to ensure your comfort: quality of the room, equipment, meals, the courtesy of the nursing staff… She validates with you all these issues that are part of our quality.

To advise you and guide you throughout your trip

  • The anaesthesiologist will check with you all the potential indications for the type of anaesthesia that is be ideal for your intervention. The surgeon will have a long discussion with you in which he will take into account your needs, advise you and explain to you the details of the operating procedure.
  • Generally, the day after your arrival . Pre-operative consultation is a crucial step in the relationship with the doctor and thus in the quality of your hospital stay. Feel free to ask any question that comes to your mind. This is also the moment to lay down specific milestones as the expected result, the presumptive period results and to test breast implants in case you want to increase the volume of your breast . Discover our surgeons.

To facilitate the administrative part

  • In simplifying the payment terms. You pay in cash once you return to your room after the consultation. In exchange for your payment, you will receive a receipt and an invoice in which you will notice the details of your intervention with the exact amount. If there is any additional care that is provided (blood test, mammography…), it is mentioned in the document that is submitted to you.
  • It is the role of your clinic assistant to cash your payments and give you the receipt that is the proof of the transaction.

To ensure the safety and the quality of your intervention

  • Thanks to the quality of the operating rooms of the clinic (find them here)
  • In addition to the competence of the surgeon, you can count on the experience and mastery of the anaesthesiologist and the qualified medical staff .

To be there next to you when you wake up

  • Med Espoir agrees that a caregiver is here next to you in the recovery room when the effects of the anaesthesia begin to dissipate.

To make sure everything is right

  • By being there once you wake up and when you are back in your room.
  • Your assistant and of course the surgeon who will be there the same day and the day after your aesthetic intervention to make sure you are well and to explain to you in details the instructions you should follow in order to improve the quality of your recovery, to optimize the duration of the healing and finally to put in perspective the result. He will also give you a prescription.

To assist you

  • After two days, you leave the clinic after the consent of the practitioner who has operated you .
  • It is the assistant driver you met on your arrival who will accompany you to the hotel and then to the airport at the end of your stay.
  • How does Med Espoir take care of you ? Our team has booked you a luxurious , spacious and well equipped room at a five stars hotel. A nurse is engaged to visit you in the hotel for health care.
  • Finally, the assistant driver is always at your disposal whether you have a particular request or an errand to run. Discover your hotel now.

To be at your disposal after your departure

  • By being sure you have all the contact elements to send us your comments or your questions. You can also contact us at any time to ask about the intervention or the administrative follow-up
  • Your assistant at the clinic or the surgeon directly


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