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Burns treatments Tunisia

Surgical care of burns is a medical discipline that heals thermal, chemical, and electrical severe wounds and deep burns. Such injuries can cause disfigurement or mobility restriction.

Heat burns the tissues at different degrees; it can cause pain, discomfort or even loss of sensation:

- Minor or first-degree burns.
- Second-degree burns
- Third-degree burns
- Fourth-degree burns
- Major burns

Plastic surgery in Tunisia provides several options for wounds, scars, and burns treatments.

Burns treatments costs in Tunisia

Burns and scars treatments are not only aesthetic. Most of time, they are reconstructive and functional. Besides, there are different degrees of burns which require different surgical approaches. We provide affordable and competitive prices to heal burn injuries in Tunisia, contact us to ask for your free quote.

Tunisia treatments for burns, the surgical procedure

Hypertrophic and keloid scars are generally cured under local anesthesia to remove the dead tissues. Depending on the type of scar, different surgical procedures are employed:

Skin Grafting

After debriding, most of the time skin graft might be needed to cover the treated zones. Like fat grafting, skin Grafting consists on taking a piece of the patient's skin from a donor site and attaching it to the damaged site

Laser Surgery

There are several laser-treatments that can be used to cure the abnormal discoloration of the skin, and to flatten it. Skin Flap Surgery
Flap surgery implies the use of healthy skin, blood vessels, and even muscles to replace the damaged site.

Z Plastic surgery

The plastic surgeon draws a Z-shaped incision is used to try to improve the alignment of the scar. Tissue Expansion
This technique can be used in combination with skin flap surgery. This technique is used in reconstructive surgeries to regenerate new skin. A balloon expander which will be filled over the time with saline water would be inserted under the skin. This process would gradually induce skin stretching.

After burns treatments

For any surgical treatment involving skin transplantation, wounds require time to heal. Skin color changes over the time with tingling or numbing. Not all burns treatments are appropriate to all the damaged sites. Some may cause more discomfort than others or may be suitable for breast reconstruction than the body parts. In general, depending on the damaged site, stiches will be placed for few days but, recovery takes several months.

Burns treatments results

The final results of plastic surgery for burns can be clearly noticeable after 1 year. Burns treatments are not scarless. But, they offer dramatic results.