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Tunisia buttock augmentation

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Our expert surgeons put their abilities in a perfectly looking buttok using silicone implants to have the shape you dream of and most of all at a cheap cost.


The classical intervention of the buttock augmentation is made through the addition of silicone implants under the patient’s butt muscles . As a body contouring procedure, it is carried out to correct the buttocks shape by adding volume through the use of prostheses. The silicone implants are placed in a way that delivers better curves and behind.

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Tunisia buttock augmentation cost

Tunisia buttock augmentation by implants is a low-priced surgery. The typical cost is:

Buttock augmentation with implants                     2500£                    3850$                    6 Nights/7 Days


Tunisia buttock augmentation, the procedure

During the surgery which is carried out under general anesthetic, silicone implants are surgically inserted in the buttocks. The objective is to boost the size of sagging or flat buttocks. During the buttock implant procedure, the surgeon draws two incisions in the crease of the buttocks.  Then he/she makes some space between the skin and the muscle to perfectly place the implant. Fat harvesting by liposuction is needed for a natural look.

Tunisia buttock implants postoperative

After buttock implants surgery, the patients experience discomfort because of bruising and swelling. Appropriate medications can manage the pain. During the first 2 weeks following the surgery, patients should avoid sitting or lying on their backs.

Tunisia buttock augmentation result

Buttock augmentation surgery provides fast results which can be easily recognizable only one day after undergoing the surgery. The patients can appreciate the final result after 3 months. The scaring is almost invisible.

This intervention can be associated with any other surgeries . It has to be noted that there is an alternative technique to gain buttock volume which is the lipofilling.