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Liposuction by vaser or vaser liposuction Tunisia allows liposuction to be performed using very high frequency ultrasound technology. This new method of liposuction aims at liquefying all the subcutaneous fat deposits by detachment using a cannula delivering ultrasounds into the adipose tissue. The fat emulsion that is produced will be aspirated in a second step in a more precise and homogeneous way directly under the skin. In the same way as a traditional liposuction, the areas that can be treated by vaser liposuction Tunisia are :

-The arms

-The back

-The hips

-The belly

-The horse breeches

-The thighs

-The knees

-The calves

Vaser liposuction price

To obtain the price of a vaser liposuction Tunisia, you will have to fill in the quote request table on the website or call us on the phone number that you will also find on our website so as to be in contact with one of our counselors to answer all your questions.

Vaser liposuction Tunisia, the procedure

Either local or general anaesthesia is required. During the vaser liposuction reshaping, a tumescent solution is injected into the affected area. This solution, containing natural gases, surrounds and infiltrates between the fat cells. Then, the surgeon makes a small incision and introduces a vaser ultrasound probe into the affected tissue. The high-frequency vibrations of the probes cause the detachment of the subcutaneous fat. The fat deposits are then aspirated by a cannula. It should be noted that the entire procedure is performed with great delicacy which promotes the patient's recovery.

After vaser liposuction Tunisia

After a vaser liposuction Tunisia, in the postoperative period, bruising is less extensive and the pain is less pronounced, favouring a faster recovery. The appearance of the skin is better defined and there is less risk of surface irregularities

Vaser liposuction Tunisia results

The results of vaser liposuction Tunisia are visible immediately while improving progressively after the complete disappearance of bruises and oedemas in 3-4 weeks. For a stable and definitive result, it will take 4 to 6 months, the necessary time to notice the phenomenon of skin retraction and the complete disappearance of oedemas.

Vaser liposuction Tunisia : for whom ?

The use of a vaser liposuction Tunisia is to be considered for a slimming or eliminating fat on a part of the body. This plastic surgery is intended for both women and men. However, the demand is overwhelmingly from patients who are more interested in smoothing out their body's appearance rather than losing weight. It is ideal for obtaining more rounded curves or more assertive lines, without any unaesthetic note. It should be pointed out that the expected results can be observed immediately after the intervention. This immediate effect further demonstrates the effectiveness of this surgical technique. Despite the definitive aspect of this procedure, it is important to remember the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet to avoid weight regain. The practice of regular sports activities and good hydration are therefore highly recommended.