Gingivectomy Tunisia

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Gingivectomy Tunisia

It is a periodontal surgical procedure in which a portion of the gum surrounding a tooth is incised and removed, it aims at correcting the gingival smile while improving its aesthetics, treating a periodontal disease or a gingival hyperplasia.

This technique allows the patient to have a beautiful smile and healthy gums and dentition.

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Gingivectomy : for whom?

Gingivectomy is a very common dental procedure to remove excess gum tissue. It is also distinguished from gingivoplasty.

The removal of part of the gum is generally indicated in three main cases:

As part of the treatment of a periodontal disease: in particular when periodontal curettage did not give satisfactory results because it was impossible to clean the periodontal pockets thoroughly.

To treat a gingival hyperplasia which is often caused by medication for epilepsy and high blood pressure, this condition may involve one or more teeth which may sometimes be completely covered by the gum.

To correct a gummy smile: when the upper gums are excessively exposed.

How is it performed ?

Before the procedure, you will have a consultation with your dental surgeon so as to examine your dentition (gums, teeth...) and tells you whether you can undergo this treatment or not and this according to your case, then, he will explain you the process of the whole procedure from the beginning to the end and give you recommendations that you must follow for optimal results.

First of all, he will perform a thorough cleaning of the mouth to remove plaque and tartar and thus facilitate the procedure which is performed under local anaesthesia of the gums.

There are two techniques for removing excess gum tissue:

"External bevel" technique:

It is only possible when the height of the attached gum is sufficient.

"Internal bevel" technique:

It is indicated in the case of gingival hypertrophy in the presence of low attached gingiva.

The practitioner usually performs this procedure with a scalpel, but may also prefer electrosurgery or soft tissue lasers.

Gingivectomy Tunisia : aftercare and recovery

After your gingivectomy in Tunisia, you will have to follow all the recommendations of your dental surgeon concerning your dental hygiene and your alimentation :the way your brush and clean your teeth, the foods you should and should not eat...

Bleeding may occur on the same day or the day after the gingivectomy, but it will disappear quickly.

A periodontal dressing will be placed on your gums to protect the wound. You should not displace it by avoiding hard or sticky foods and preferring soft and warm foods.

Gingivectomy Tunisia results

The results of your gingivectomy Tunisia are excellent as this treatment is very effective in restoring healthy gums.

The patient will obtain a healthy dentition and will be able to smile with confidence which will make him feel more self confident.