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Lasik Tunisia, Eye Surgery Tunisia

LASIK is a refractive surgery that treats certain sight defects such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Assisted-laser is used to fix vision problems through the projection of light rays onto the retina and the reshape of the cornea.

Lasik eye surgery cost

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Lasik eye procedure

Lasik is a computer-assisted excimer laser. It is a three-step surgery. During the procedure, the eye is numbed with anesthetic drops. The surgeon cuts out the flap of the cornea. Excimer laser is used flatten the cornea, reshape corneal irregularities or remove a specific amount of tissue. Then, the surgeon repositions the flap on the corrected cornea tissue. The patient lies down under the femtosecond, a mechanical surgical tool that serves to cut the cornea covers. Eye lid holders compulsory to prevent blinking. The surgery requires meticulousness and expertise since cutting the hoods must be performed in 55 seconds per eye. Later, the eyes are once more numbed with anesthetic drops. The patient needs to fix a point in order to direct light pulses. This process takes 35 seconds per eye.

After Lasik eye surgery

Like after any eye surgery, immediately after the procedure, patients may have temporary discomfort like blurry vision, haziness and burning which disappear in 3 or 4 hours.

Lasik Tunisia results

LASIK results vary. Some patients can be more sensitive to sunlight so, they need to wear photochromic (adaptive) glasses or lenses. But, in general, it is a surgery that improves the patients’ quality of life.