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Hollywood smile Tunisia

Hollywood smile is a set of dental treatments that allows the patient to correct the imperfections of his or her teeth and thus obtain a Hollywood smile like that of celebrities.

Moreover, this technique improves the self esteem of the patient by making him/her feel comfortable and especially when smiling or laughing.

Hollywood smile price in Tunisia

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Hollywood smile:for whom?

Hollywood smile is for people who suffer from discoloration of their teeth, who have misaligned, chipped or missing teeth.

However, it is not recommended in these cases:

Children or teenagers

People with dental development problems and other severs dental complications

Those who are still undergoing orthodontic procedures.

During the consultation, your dental surgeon will advise you on the appropriate technique that will be adapted to your case and this according to the state of your dentition.

How is it performed?

Before undergoing a Hollywood smile in Tunisia, you must have a consultation with your dental surgeon so as to examine yout teeth and decide with you on the appropriate technique according to your case, he will also explain you the procedure from the beginning to the end with all its details : process, recovery, results, advantages...

Hollywood smile includes many techniques:

The placement of dental veneers

Dental veneers are thin ceramic films that are bonded to incisors and canines or premolars to improve their aesthetic appearance.

It is for people who want to have a radiant smile by improving the colour of the tooth or the defect of the slightly damaged tooth.

Dental implants

A dental implant is an artificial root (usually made of titanium) placed in the jawbone. It can replace one or more missing teeth.

This technique allows you to regain your chewing function, improve your daily comfort as well as the aesthetics of your teeth and thus regain self confidence by being able to smile and laugh with confidence.

Gum surgery

Gingivectomy is a very common operation to remove excess gum tissue. It is also different from gingivoplasty which consists of reshaping the gum tissue without altering the height of the gums.

It aims at improving the aesthetics of your smile or at permanently curing a periodontal disease.

Hollywood smile Tunisia:aftercare and recovery

The techniques of Hollywood smile in Tunisia are not painless, so, you will be able to resume your daily activities without problems.

But, it is important to note that you must take care of your dentition and opt for a good oral hygiene and follow the recommendations of your dental surgeon so as to maintain healthy teeth.

Hollywood smile Tunisia results

Hollywood smile in Tunisia allows the patient to have a beautiful smile which will improve his self confidence and make him feel comfortable when smiling, laughing or eating...