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Thigh lift Tunisia

Thigh lift surgery or thighplasty is a plastic surgery that helps to tighten the loose skin of the inner thighs and removes excess saggy skin and fat. The surgical technique is often performed with a combination to liposuction to make the thigh look firm and trim. The combination of both surgical techniques ensures a faster recovery and more effectiveness. Thighplasty is regularly performed on patients who suffer from inner thighs rubbing and chafing discomfort. Tunisia thigh lift offers a better thigh contouring and to the lower body.

Thigh lift surgery cost in Tunisia

The price of thigh lift in Tunisia is very advantageous, ask for a free online quote to obtain the cost with all the details.

How is a thigh lift surgery performed ?

Most of the surgeons may use general anaesthesia, while others might administer local anaesthesia. They may combine it with intravenous sedation.
In most cases, thigh lift is done by removing the skin in the longitudinal and transverse axis. The scar is vertical and located on the inner thighs. But, in some cases, where the excess is minor, thighplasty can be done by a scar hidden in the crease of the groin.
Liposuction is systematically associated to reduce fat infiltration. It remodels and reshapes better the internal and external sides of the thighs.

Thigh lift aftercare and recovery

After thigh lift in Tunisia, the new smooth contours will be immediately visible. The patient would suffer from bruising, soreness, and swelling. Your surgeon will give you the postsurgical-care instructions about drains, and potential signs of complications.

Thighplasty Tunisia results

As soon as edema and bruising disappear, nearly around the 10th day, the results of thigh lift Tunisia are very satisfying. The scars take one year to fade out progressively. Thigh lift results can be ever lasting if you adopt a healthy lifestyle along with a fitness program. Hence you can maintain a stable weight.