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Turkey has always been known to be a dream tourist destination and in recent years it has established itself in the field of cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery. Today, it is one of the most renowned countries for the competence, know-how and skill of its Turkish plastic surgeons and for the modernity of its clinics.

Plastic surgery in Turkey : what are the reasons for this success ?

There are several factors that have made Turkey an ideal destination for plastic surgery on an international scale. It must be said that Turkey has invested heavily in its hospital and clinical structures by equipping them with the latest medical equipment of the highest quality that meets international standards.

Moreover, Turkey has made sure that its surgeons are well trained in order to acquire the most efficient surgical techniques to meet the slightest needs of each patient.

It should also be noted that the price of plastic surgery in Turkey is very interesting and much cheaper than in other countries without forgetting that the waiting times for surgery are quite short.

The price of plastic surgery in Turkey

As mentioned above, the fees for plastic surgery in Turkey are very interesting and much more affordable than those of European cosmetic surgeons. Like Tunisia (which remains the country with the cheapest prices in plastic surgery), Turkey offers cosmetic prcedures of very high quality and in conformity with the most demanding international standards in this field.

Moreover, the success of the plastic interventions in Turkey makes of this country one of the best destinations for aesthetic surgery at an advantageous price.

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What are the plastic surgery procedures performed in Turkey ?

All plastic and reconstructive cosmetic surgery procedures can be performed in Turkey such as facelift, otoplasty, breast augmentation or breast reduction, liposuction, buttock augmentation, hair transplant, nose job... It is also possible to opt for aesthetic medicine treatments such as hyaluronic acid or botulinum toxin injections, laser treatments... Hair transplant has an excellent reputation and a huge success in Turkey due to the impressive results of this surgery and many people from different countries come to Turkey to undergo it.

How to prepare for plastic surgery in Turkey ?

Preparing for plastic surgery in Turkey is very simple as the country does not require a visa. In general, for a European national, a stay of less than 3 months on the Turkish territory, he must have a valid passport and/or identity document. It is possible to drive your own car in Turkey. The country recognizes the international driving licence. However, you will need to make sure that your vehicle is insured so that you are covered on the Turkish territory.

Concerning the payment of bills for medical travel to Turkey, to pay for cosmetic surgery stays, all means of payment are generally accepted. However, to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is always advisable to have a certain amount of cash on hand in addition to your credit card and/or cheque book. It should be noted that Turkish clinics and plastic surgeons do not accept payment in instalments. It is therefore important to avoid unnecessary complications.

One last thing to know before considering plastic surgery in Turkey, the most spoken languages besides Turkish (of course) are English and German. As French is not very common in the country, there are still government efforts to provide translator services in several languages including French. It is therefore advisable to find out how to access a reliable translation service.