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Rhinoplasty or Nose job is a surgical procedure that is proposed by our expert surgeons to reshape the nose by reducing or increasing its size, removing the hump, changing shape of tip or bridge, narrowing span of nostrils, or changing angle between nose and upper lip. Rhinoplasty Tunisia refers to a set of surgical interventions that aim at modifying the nose to obtain a natural and harmonious result. A nose job is also recommended to restore a good respiratory function. Nose surgery can help correct birth defects, nasal injuries and some breathing problems. Being considered as the best surgical treatment for diffent problems, rhinoplasty is recommended to fix a deviated septum or to correct ethnic nasal flaws. You can get a non-surgical nose job in Tunisia, by simply opting for a cosmetic filler to alter the shape of your nose.

The price of a nose job

The pricing will be fixed according to the type of nose job you are willing to undergo: functional, aesthetic, ethic or even both functional and aesthetic rhinoplasty. We perform nose job reshaping at low-costs with high- rates of success. Contact us to obtain your free quote.

Rhinoplasty Tunisia, the procedure

The procedure takes from one to three hours and it is performed under general or local anaesthesia. The surgeon needs to numb the patient’s face and nose. Then, he will separate the skin from the cartilage (the surgical area) that needs to be fixed. In some cases, he may remove some cartilage of the patient’s ear or place an implant instead. Bone grafting is also an effective alternative for nose reshaping.

Aftercare and recovery

Like after any surgery, the patient will have a slight feeling of pain, and bruising. To guarantee a safe recovery, respect the surgeon’s postoperative directives. Rest recovery time extends between 8 days and 15 days.

Rhinoplasty results

Rhinoplasty is a safe procedure. The healing process can be long. The nose tip remains sensitive and numb for months. The result can be appreciated after a year. There is no indication against associating a nose surgery to other interventions as breast surgery or silhouette surgery. However, it is not recommended to combine rhinoplasty with a facelift

English speaking African patients

Many patients come from English speaking African countries to undergo their plastic operations especially ethnic rhinoplasty in Tunisia with Medespoir.

Medespoir takes good care of them, they are operated on by the best plastic surgeons and in the best clinics in Tunisia.