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The latest trend in plastic surgery is dimpleplasty, to allow those who do not have them naturally to obtain perfect dimples.

Dimples are a characteristic feature of the face, they are small holes that are created on the sides of the face when the person smiles as they are caused by the deeper facial muscles. It is considered a symbol of beauty.

The success of dimples was definitely decreed by some Hollywood stars who have them naturally.

Dimpleplasty price in Tunisia

The price dimpleplasty Tunisia is interesting, you will be able to take advantage of a high quality medical stay and be operated on by the best surgeons, so, ask for a free quote by filling in the quotation request form on our website or contact us by phone to give you all the information you need.

How is it performed?

Before your dimpleplasty realized in Tunisia which is also known as dimples surgery, you must have a consultation with the surgeon so as to examine you, it is the first step in approaching any type of plastic surgery and surgery in general. The doctor will expose the risks and benefits of the case during this consultation. Next, he will assess whether you are a good candidate for dimpleplasty or not and this by analyzing your face, mark where the dimples should be placed...

He will also ask you questions about your health (if you are taking medications or suffering from certain diseases or allergies...).

The dimpleplasty surgery is performed by a specialized plastic surgeon. The operation is minimally invasive, lasting about 30 minutes and is realized under local anaesthesia.

The surgeon incises the cheek with a scalpel (the cut is about 2 - 3 millimeters long) and a small amount of muscle and fat is removed in order to create the dimple. The procedure does not cause visible scarring to the patient as the dimple cuts are made inside the mouth.

Dimpleplasty Tunisia:aftercare and recovery

After your dimpleplasty in Tunisia, you will be able to resume your daily activities the day after the procedure, this intervention is painless.

In most cases there are rarely any side effects, but, there may be only a little swelling and bruising which will disappear with time.

Dimpleplasty Tunisia results

The results of dimpleplasty in Tunisia are spectacular and immediate.

The patient will notice his dimples after the procedure which will make his face and his smile more beautiful.