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Tunisia Gastric Sleeve Surgery

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Tunisia Gastric Sleeve Surgery


Gastric sleeve surgery is a weight loss procedure that restricts food intake. It consists at permanently reshaping the stomach into a smaller sleeve-like pouch that directly leads to the intestines.
By performing sleeve gastrectomy procedure, weight loss surgeons remove 75-85% of the stomach. The objective is to create a smaller gastric sack. This “sleeve” remains connected to the intestines so that food is digested normally.


Sleeve Gastrectomy Cost

Like bariatric surgeries, Tunisia sleeve gastrectomy is performed at a very competitive cost.  


Tunisia Sleeve gastrectomy               4.000 £            5.200 $                        5 Nights /6 Days


Tunisia Sleeve Gastrectomy, the procedure


Gastric sleeve surgery is a laparoscopically performed under general anesthesia. It takes between an hour and an hour and a half. The weight loss surgeon needs to make a few cuts in the stomach of the patient to insert the laparoscope. It is a viewing tube that helps the surgeon to remove a part of the stomach. The left tube-shaped pouch is then sealed and stapled.


Tunisia Gastric Sleeve aftercare


After the surgery, the patients may feel pain because of the stomach bruising. But analgesics will be prescribed. During the first days, drains will be placed to take away excess fluid. Most of the patients can regain normal activities in 4 weeks. Liquid diet is a must for the first two weeks.


Tunisia Sleeve Gastrectomy results


Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy is a very promising gastric technique for weight loss and morbid obesity. Yet, achieving the best results depends on the patients’commitment to regain health ang getting rid of dietary bad habits. Don't hesitate to schedule your

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