The partner clinic of MedEspoir

The partner clinic of Med Espoir is a private establishment founded in 2009 and based in Tunis. This clinic which is resolutely multidisciplinary is now the leading destination for patients who choose to come from all over the world to Tunisia for Plastic surgery or general surgery.

The infrastructure

Our partner clinic has an operating unit accessible by other services. It comprises many modern operating rooms equipped with an anesthesic and retrieval equipments in conformity with the ISO medical quality materials of European countries. Patients’ safety is assured by a number of prophylaxis strict rules and a modern choice of antistatic floor to prevent the spread of dust and thus prevent the risk of microbial infections.

In order to ensure patients’ comfort and recovery, the service has many single rooms with TV, a medical bed, a sofa, shower and toilet facilities and are spacious enough to accommodate an accompanying person or visitors as well as to rest and speak with the surgeon.

The staff

The staff of the clinic is composed of nurses, medical assistants… who will be at your disposal 7 days a week and 24 hours a day to support you and assist you throughout your medical stay and in each step of your intervention.

They are very competent, experienced and professional, they will listen to you and will not hesitate to meet your needs for a successful intervention and so as to be fully satisfied with your surgery.

A personalized and totally confidential diagnosis

The diagnosis is made by the plastic surgeon before your arrival in Tunisia once he receives your photos. It is personalized and is based on your medical history and medical health in general. If the photographs indicate the legitimacy of an additional medical procedure, this is explained in writing in the estimate and if the requested procedure is not possible because of many reasons, this information is given and explained to you.

In accordance with medical ethics, your photos and their analysis remain confidential.



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