Calf augmentation Tunisia


Calf augmentation surgery is designed for the persons who do not appreciate their legs for being skinny. It is a plastic surgery that enhances the shape and the size of the calf in a way to save the body’s harmony and improve the legs proportions. The surgery is done either by fat transfer or calf implants or a combination of both approaches.

Calf augmentation cost

The average cost of calf enhancement surgery depends on the surgical technique that you would resort to. You can determine the appropriate technique with your surgeon during your first consultation. Please contact us ask to obtain your free quote.


Calf augmentation procedure

Fat transfer for calf augmentation

This surgery is performed under general anesthesia. It takes between two and three hours. Fat harvesting is the first phase pf the surgery. It is then liquified to be injected in the calf.

Implants calf augmentation

Calf Augmentation is also performed under general anesthesia and takes nearly one hour. The implant is placed above the muscle of the calf. The implant is inserted through an incision that the surgeon draws in the crease behind the knee.

Calf augmentation aftercare

At the end of the surgery, medical support bandages are fitted to limit swelling and reduce the muscle movements. Later, a tubular bandage is prescribed for the following five weeks. The surgery leaves inconspicuous scars that heal in two weeks.

Calf augmentation results

The surgery delivers a natural appearance for out of proportion legs. The final results are recognizable after six weeks.


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