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Septoplasty Tunisia makes it possible to correct deviations of the nasal septum when these have a resonance like :

-Respiratory repercussions due to the obstruction of one or both nasal cavities by the deviation of the septum : this leads to a respiratory discomfort.

-Repetitive sinusitis due to the obstruction of the sinus orifice.

-Aesthetic impact : by creating a deviation of the nasal bridge.

The septoplasty will correct the deviation of the nasal septum and thus correct the respiratory or aesthetic effects of the deviation.

Septoplasty Tunisia price

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Septoplasty Tunisia, the procedure

The principle of the septoplasty Tunisia is to reshape or partially remove the deformed parts of the nasal septum responsible for the obstruction.

Surgical options :

Two incision techniques can be used depending on the patient's initial anatomy :

-An endonasal incision (scar hidden inside the nose).

-An incision at the base of the nose for more complex deviations (external incision).

Once the nasal septum has been freed from its mucous and skin attachments, the surgeon will proceed with the partial removal and remodelling of the deformed parts of the septum. The intervention ends with a suture and then with the placement of splints on each side of the septum in some cases and two wicks to limit postoperative bleeding and oedema. In case of a strongly deviated nose, a septoplasty may be combined with a surgical rhinoplasty that aims at eliminating the imperfections of the nose : this is called rhinoseptoplasty. A septoplasty lasts between 30 minutes and 1.5 hours. The procedure is usually performed under general anaesthesia.

After septoplasty

The effects of a septoplasty Tunisia are generally simple. The intervention is not very painful like rhinoplasty. The postoperative discomfort is mainly linked to the wearing of the nasal bandage and the wicks. The nasal bandage is kept on for about a week while the wicks are removed in the evening or the day after the procedure. Short-term discomfort may occur, but this can be limited by appropriate medication mainly to reduce the oedematous reaction. During the first few weeks after the septoplasty Tunisia, bruising and swelling of the nose may occur which may cause some respiratory discomfort. The duration of this phenomenon varies considerably depending on the patient.

Septoplasty Tunisia results

Concerning the improvement of breathing, the result is normally considered stable 3 to 6 months after the intervention once the swelling of the nasal mucous membranes has completely reabsorbed. The result should allow a complete recovery of breathing. Concerning the aesthetic improvement of the deviation, the result of the septoplasty Tunisia is very significant and is definitive 1 year after the procedure.

Septoplasty Tunisia : for whom ?

Septoplasty Tunisia is for all patients with a significant deviation of the nasal septum. The symptoms presented by the patients are :

-a permanent respiratory discomfort, most often unilateral.

-a repeated unilateral sinusitis by the obstruction of the sinus meatus by the septum, usually unilateral.

A scan is systematically performed to confirm the diagnosis before the intervention. On the scanner, the deviation of the septum is perfectly visible, thus obstructing one of the nasal fossae in case of respiratory repercussions.