Breast lipofilling Tunisia

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Breast lipofilling in Tunisia

The breast lipofilling surgery is an intervention that women patients resort to increase the size of their breasts by using their own fat. Breast augmentation surgery by Lipofilling consists at harvesting autologous fat and transplanting it. The surgery provides permanent and natural breast augmentation. The surgical approach is also recommended in breast reconstruction.

Breast lipofilling cost

The price of breast enlargement by lipofilling in Tunisia involves the procedure, the consultation, postoperative care and all the fees needed to cover a medical stay in Tunisia.

Breast lipofilling, the procedure

The surgery duration depends on the volume of fat to be transferred. It is performed under general anesthesia as well as local anesthetic in case of small volume lipofilling. The surgery generally takes between 1hour and 3 hours.
At first, the surgeon begins with harvesting fat from the patient’s donor sites like the thighs, the flanks or the abdomen. Then, the fat is washed and purified to reinject only good fat cells in the breast just as an in buttocks lipofilling surgery or any area of the body.

After breast lipofilling

Immediately after your breast lipofilling in Tunisia, the breasts may be larger than the final result because of swelling. Six months later, the full result can be appreciated. relatively safe. Brest lipofilling after surgery effects are very similar to liposuction. The patients will have pain for two or three weeks. Risk of irregularities, imperfections cannot be excluded. Regular examination and follow-up are highly recommended during the healing process.

Breast lipofilling Tunisia results

Breast lipofilling is a safe surgery. After full recovery, the breast size would be smaller than immediately after the surgery. This decrease is due to fat cells death and to the disappearance of bruising. The result is very satisfying and long-lasting. For a complete breast rebuilding, and a more satisfying result, the surgery can be associated either with a breast lifting or a breast reconstruction surgery.