Plastic surgery in Morocco

Morocco has become a common destination for plastic and reconstructive surgery as it is known for the competence of its plastic surgeons, the modernity of its clinics and its medical equipment in addition to the professionalism of its medical staff including the nurses, care assistants… Moreover, Morocco is known by its climate which attracts tourists who do not hesitate to come to visit it.


What are the different reasons of undergoing plastic surgery in Morocco ?

Nowadays, people increasingly have recourse to plastic surgery and especially to plastic surgery in Morocco as it allows them to improve their physical appearance whether it is related to their face, breast or silhouette and to correct certain imperfections which can often be a source of complexes because they have a pejorative effect on the personal and social life of the person who suffers from them.

It also allows the patient to regain self confidence which is very important in our society today especially with the emergence of social media such as Instagram… Moreover, Morocco has the best clinical structures with very modern medical equipments that meet the needs of each patient as well as international standards. The surgeons in Morocco are very competent, experienced and internationally recognized for the success of the interventions they perform.

The cost of plastic surgery in Morocco

The price of plastic surgery in Morocco is very affordable and cheaper than in European countries, you will be able to have a medical stay of high quality thanks to the competence of the surgeons and the modernity of the clinics.

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The aesthetic interventions realized in Morocco

There are different aesthetic interventions realized in Morocco, they concern all the parts of the face and silhouette :

Facial surgery

  • Facelift : to rejuvenate the face and eliminate wrinkles
  • Rhinoplasty : to remove nasal imperfections and reshape the nose
  • Otoplasty : to correct protruding ears
  • Genioplasty : to correct the advanced or receding chin

Breast surgery

  • Breast augmentation with implants : To enlarge the size of the breasts through breast implants
  • Breast lipofilling : to enlarge the size of the breasts through the injection of the patient's excess fat, this intervention is assosicated with liposuction
  • Breast lift : to firm up sagging breasts
  • Breast lift with implants : to firm up the breasts and enlarge their size at the same time
  • Breast reduction : to reduce the size of very large breasts

Silhouette surgery

  • Liposuction : to remove the excess fat from the patient’s silhouette such as the thighs, arms, belly, buttocks, hips…
  • Tummy tuck : to firm up the abdomen and eliminate skin sagging
  • Arm lift : to remove excess skin on the arms
  • Thigh lift : to remove excess skin on the thighs
  • Buttock lift : to remove excess skin on the buttocks
  • Buttock augmentation with implants : to increase the size of the buttocks through the insertion of buttock implants
  • Buttock lipofilling : to increase the size of the buttocks through the injection of the patient’s excess fat

What are the advantages of plastic surgery in Morocco ?

Plastic surgery in Morocco has several advantages :

  • The price of plastic surgery in Morocco is advantageous and less expensive than in European countries.
  • It has the most renowned and competent plastic surgeons who are very attentive to each patient's desires and expectations so that he will be fully satisfied with the results.
  • It has modern clinics equipped with the latest high performance medical equipments.
  • The medical staff is also very experienced and assists the patient throughout his stay day and night in order to meet all his needs.
  • Plastic surgery in Morocco allows the patient to undergo his surgery in complete safety and have a high quality medical stay at an affordable cost.


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