Embryo donation in Cyprus

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During IVF, hormonal stimulation promotes the production of a high number of oocytes and embryos, those that have not been transferred and frozen are then frozen.

So, the couple decides on the fate of these frozen embryos :

  • Conservation for a future transfer
  • Donation to research so as to improve PMA techniques
  • Destruction of these embryos
  • Donation to another couple (It can be anonymous) : it is embryo donation realized in Cyprus

Embryo donation : who can benefit from these embryos ?

Embryo donation performed in Cyprus is intended for couples who can not conceive a baby naturally and this for many reasons and generally because of double infertility, so, it is the best solution to realize their dream of having a baby.

This technique can also be proposed in the case of a :

  • A risk of transmitting a genetic disease to the child.
  • Double definitive sterility which is defined as the absence of gametes or the total inability of gametes to fertilize or be fertilized, found in both men and women.
  • Combination of permanent sterility and a priori genetic indication : It associates the absence of gametes in one member of the couple with an a priori genetic indication in the other member.
  • Relative double sterility which is defined as the existence of a defect in the quality or number of gametes in both men and women.
  • To be eligible for the donation, the receiving couple must also follow a very precise procedure : medical examinations, biological check-ups, meeting with a psychologist…
  • As far as the reception of embryos is concerned, other formalities may be followed.

How much does embryo donation cost ?

To obtain the price of embryo donation realized in Cyprus, ask for a free online express quote or contact us by phone to have all the details and information concerning this technique.

Embryo donation : how does it work ?


Receiving couple : Any interested recipient couple must meet with a doctor to discuss the project, he will answer all their questions and explains them all the steps of the procedure.

Donor couple : Any couple interested in donating their embryos must also meet a doctor to discuss their situation and obtain relevant information.


Receiving couple : A full evaluation of the file is made by one of the doctors in charge of the embryo donation programme to ensure that the couple meets the programme's inclusion criteria. The necessary tests are the same as for an egg donation receiving couple.

Donor couple : A complete evaluation of the couple of parents of intent must be done and all consents must be signed before starting the treatment.


A meeting with a nurse coordinator must take place before the beginning of the medication.

During ultrasounds and other appointments, the doctor makes treatment decisions. A nurse meets with patients to explain the doctor's instructions and schedule follow-up ultrasound appointments.

Embryo donation : the transfer

The transfer resulting from an embryo donation performed in Cyprus is realized under the same conditions as a frozen embryo transfer : the embryo is thawed according to a very precise technique and then deposited in the uterus via the vagina. Embryos dedicated to reception are often from couples who have successfully achieved a pregnancy.

Its advantages

Embryo donation realized in Cyprus has many advantages :

  • It generally takes less time to start the treatment.
  • It is possible to create supernumerary embryos that you may not use if you want to have just one child.
  • Embryos that are frozen in the centre have a chance to live, when the couples who no longer need them have left the decision of their destiny in the hands of the clinic or when the couples who donate them do not wish to have more children.


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