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Why Breast Lipofilling?

Do you wish to:

  • Have bigger breasts without large, unsightly scars?
  • Lose an inch or two of fats around the waist at the same time?
  • Have a permanent breast augmentation without implants or fillers?
  • Your breasts have become smaller and lost their firmness after childbirth

If so, you may wish to consider Breast Lipofilling using LipoKit, a fat transfer system.


What is Breast Lipofilling?

Breast Lipofilling is a technique of fat transfer, which harvests fats from other parts of your body to be injected back into your breast to make them bigger. With LipoFilling, you can achieve permanent breast enlargement with almost no visible scars around the breast.

Why use Fat?

The advantages of Lipofilling are that we can use material that is completely natural to your body to achieve breast enlargement and augmentation. Fats transferred from other parts of your body are your own cells and therefore look and feel extremely natural. In addition, once fats have been successfully transferred, the results are permanent (after approximate take up rate of 60%). Fat cells also have less long term risks compared with breast implants. For example, the risk of late infection is much, much lower than implants. Risk of contracture and hardening is also much lower.

How is Lipofilling performed?

During Breast Lipofilling, 2 stages are performed. Firstly, we will need to "harvest" fat cells from parts of your body where it is not needed. For most ladies, this is the tummy, thighs or buttocks. Depending on the amount of augmentation requested, we will need to harvest between 500 to 1000 cc of fat.

We then use the LipoKit system to spin down the cells and separate the oils and non-viable cells from the good fat cells. With this system, we are confident of a higher survival rate of the fat cells. Using very fine cannulae, we will inject these cells into the skin and tissues around your breast. This will cause the breasts to be enlarged. After LipoFilling, the breasts may be initially larger than the final result.

This is due to swelling and also because some fat cells may not survive the transfer. Usually, about 60% of the fats transferred will survive, so the breast usually decreases in size over the first six months. After these six months, the final result is achieved. In some people, the survival rate of the fats is higher, and in others this may be lower. There may be small puncture holes at the breast crease, and around your areola. These are usually only 2-5 mm in diameter and usually heal very well. There may also be small scars over the sites where we have performed liposuction on the abdomen or thighs. These are usually about 5-10 mm in diameter.


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