Egg donation in Cyprus

A woman aged from 18 to 35 years old can donate her eggs to couples who can not conceive a baby. The donated eggs are usually fertilized in vitro by sperm from the recipient's partner. An embryo is then transferred to the recipient's uterine cavity

The receiving couple must be of childbearing age and egg donation realized in Cyprus is a real hope for both members of the couple

How much does it cost?

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    Who can benefit from egg donation?

    Egg donation realized in Cyprus is for women who :

  • have a poor quality of eggs or no eggs at all
  • whose ovaries have ceased to function prematurely (premature ovarian failure), or have no ovaries at all
  • are in menopause
  • have genetic factors that can be transmitted to the child
  • are aged of 42 years old or more

What are the conditions related to the donor?

An egg donor should ideally be under 35 years of age. In addition to giving her written consent, the donor must commit to a follow-up that includes 5 to 6 visits to the clinic. In order to complete an egg donation in Cyprus, the following steps must be followed:

  • A general health check-up (blood test, ovarian reserve test…) in order to check her state of physical health and ensure that she does not suffer from hereditary diseases.
  • A consultation with the psychologist which is also an important step.
  • A genetic consultation with pre-conception genetic tests according to the discussion.
  • 10 to 12 days of medication to stimulate the ovaries.
  • 3 to 5 ovarian ultrasound scans in order to evaluate the response to the treatment.
  • Oocyte retrieval.

Egg donation process

Egg donation is the reception of oocytes from a donor for reproductive purposes. These oocytes are inseminated with sperm from the recipient's partner or from a sperm donor. The embryos generated are transferred to the recipient woman's uterus so as to achieve a pregnancy. Egg reception is an anonymous act which is carried out in women for whom it is scientifically and clinically indicated.

The origin of the donated oocytes may be :

  • Oocytes from a donor who has undergone an ovarian stimulation procedure at the same time as the preparation of the recipient's endometrium.
  • Frozen oocytes from a donor.
  • So, Egg donation performed in Cyrpus is realized as follow :

    The egg donor will undergo hormone injections so as to induce ovulation of multiple eggs and once they are mature and ready for retrieval, the procedure can start.

    Egg retrieval takes place in day hospitalization.

    It is carried out vaginally under ultrasound control and under analgesia or anaesthesia.

    After collection, the eggs are left in the laboratory until they are allocated to receiving couples for the purpose of assisted reproduction.


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