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Testicular biopsy Tunisia

A testicular biopsy is an infertility procedure that aims at extracting a sample of testicular tissue from one or both testicles for laboratory diagnosis. It is a significantly valuable testing procedure used to determine the main cause of male infertility, collect sperm for in vitro fertilization (IVF). Testicular biopsy can also be required in case of azoospermia, or for patients who are interested in improving their sperm counts.

Testicular biopsy costs in Tunisia

You can perform your testicular biopsy at only 1700 $/ 1200 £. For our patients who are willing to enjoy a medical sojourn the procedure costs 2200 $/ 1600 £.

Tunisia Testicular biopsy, the procedure

Testicular biopsy is a day-care surgery. It can be performed either under local or general anesthesia. But, there are two different techniques for a testis biopsy:

Open Biopsy

The surgeon starts by drawing the incision in the testicle to extract a sample of the testicular tissue. He then closes the cut with stiches.

Percutaneous Biopsy

This technique permits the collection of testicular cells and tissues via the use of a spring-loaded needle that the surgeon introduces underneath the skin. It does not imply any incision.  

After Testicular biopsy

Both techniques are painless. The doctor gives after-care instructions in compliance with the type of biopsy. In general, patients are asked to abstain from sexual activity for two weeks, and to keep the surgery site dry. Bleeding, swelling, and discoloration may last several days.

Testicular biopsy results

The extracted samples will be analyzed under a microscope to deliver an accurate diagnosis that may help to identify any defects in sperm production or testicular disorders that may cause infertility.



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