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Costs of Rhinoplasty

What is said in Europe

The statement of the question of prices for rhinoplasty in Europe always begins with a warning about the variety of settings in ordering the establishment. These criteria may be the likely difficulty of intervention or the need for special techniques such as the use of grafts. This explains why rates may vary from 5500 to 6500 €. The price increases when it comes to realize a secondary Rhinoplasty since the total can then go up to 7500€.

These differences are they present in Tunisia?

Of course the principle of price escalation is also in Tunisian hospitals. But the principle of setting prices is more flexible and convenient for the patient at a cheap rates. Basically, Tunisian surgeons distinguish between forms of recurrent rhinoplasty (aesthetic or functional) and atypical rhinoplasty as the surgeries of Europeanization of the nose. This implies that rhinoplasty in Tunisia costs about 1,850€. This rate corresponds to the majority of approaches, it takes a little more for ethnic nose surgery, around 2350 €.


Nonetheless, that before any move to come to Tunis or Monastir, our patients must submit photos of face and profile of their nose. The review of these photographs will allow one of our surgeons to establish a first diagnosis. And it is on the basis of this diagnosis that the estimate may be made in writing to the patient, giving him a clear and transparent document on amount to be paid in Tunisia.

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