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Tunisia Otoplasty


Otoplasty or pinnaplasty is a surgical intervention that is usually done to set back prominent or protruding ears closer to the side of the head, but can also be used to correct overly large ears.

Ear surgery cost in Tunisia

Otoplasty in Tunisia is offered at a very competitive price. You can fix your ear abnormalitites with a small budget.

Otoplasty                            1280£                    1950$                    5 Nights / 6 Days


Tunisia Otoplasty, the procedure :

The surgery takes between 30 min and 1 Hour. Ear correction surgery involves making a cut behind the ear to reach the ear cartilage. Depending on the shape of the ear, the surgeon sometimes needs to remove pieces of cartilage. Then he would score the ear structure into the appropriate position and shape. In some other cases, the ear cartilage can be stitched with the ear skin with no need to make incisions.  

Tunisia Otoplasty, after the surgery

After undergoing an ear surgery in Tunisia, the patients will be able to go home the same day. But swimming and strenuous activities must be avoided for the first six weeks. Patients should expect bruising, numbness, and moderate pain. Head bandage is needed the first day after the intervention and at night.

Tunisia Otoplasty, the result

Ear pinning or refinement are immediately visible after the surgery. Only unfolded helix or protruding ears corrections need time to progressively be recognizable as the swelling goes down. Otoplasty in Tunisia yield permanent results because they are performed by expert surgeons.

Complementary interventions :

Without any direct relation, this intervention can be associated to any other intervention.

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