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Surgery for declining protruding chin

It is the specific intervention to reduce the size of the chin when it is lived out by the patient as a disturbing anomaly. All pronounced chins are not protruding; the choice of operating must be the result of the discussion with the surgeon.

The intervention

The milling

The surgeon makes an incision under the chin, and then planes the projected part.

The osteotomy

The surgeon divides the projected bone portion in excess. In a second step, he sets the anterior chin area. Bone fracturing technique is not recommended. The recoil genioplasty carried out in Tunisia adopt instead the first technique, the results are immediately visible and very aesthetic.

The postoperative

They are especially painful for the solution of bone planing. Even thought the scar is unobtrusive (inside the mouth), the patient should keep a contention dressing for nearly a week. There is often an annoyance to move the jaw and the results are noticeable after 3 months.

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