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Genioplasty advancement

A receding chin surgery implies the use of artificial bone or implant techniques. The establishment of a prosthetic chin, also in Tunisia it is the surgical solution the most widely used currently.

Artificial prostheses

Two types of non-natural prostheses may be used. A small prosthesis placed in the center or prosthesis with lateral wing. They are made of silicone for the strength of the material.

Bones grafting

The surgeon fracture a portion of the bone of the mandible and the advance.To fix this fragment which will extend the Chin, the surgeon uses plates and metal screws.

The postoperative

Chinrests Prostheses

The postoperative are light. The patient should keep restraint dressing for at least 5 days. During this period, he will also eat a mixed food and do regular mouth baths. The result is natural (the prosthesis can not be seen), and visible from the second month.

Bones grafting

The postoperative are more onerous. Bleeding is often plentiful and this technique is less reliable since there is a risk of asymmetry.

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