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Types of Rhinoplasty

Clinical cases

The field of intervention of maxillofacial surgeon or cosmetic surgeon when they operate on the nose for a Rhinoplasty in Tunisia is very broad. As wide as there are clinical cases experienced as such by patients who are disenchanted with their noses. To give you an idea of this extensive, we decided to identify the main clinical cases have been found and fixed by our practitioners.

Types of Rhinoplasty

A multitude of cases

As you see the indications for rhinoplasty are extremely numerous. It is rare that a patient provides an isolated problem. The average preoperative diagnostic consultation is two indications. Then all combinations are possible by virtue of the nose (pyramid, septum, dorsum ...) is an integral structure.

The techniques

The techniques are lapped due to the long practice. It is generally agreed to limit the scope of the proposals and the theoretical field to two forms of approach corresponding to two options of incisions and therefore scarring. These approaches need many preferences of surgeons; they are also dependent on nasal morphology and the reason for the operation. There are also specific approaches when the patient was already operated and he's willing to make a second surgery on the nose. Finally, there are more and more a willingness to address the repair and remodeling of the nose by non-surgical means on which the community still has shared advices.

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