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Are you considering a buttock augmentation

Do you wish you had a fuller, rounder bottom? Do you fantasize about having an hourglass figure? Do you feel your buttocks are too small, too flat, or out of proportion with the rest of your body?

If you answered yes, a buttock augmentation may be just what you need to feel sexier and more confident! Butt lift procedure is the most advanced technique performed today. Sometimes called a buttock enlargement, butt implant, or gluteal implant, a buttock augmentation can be performed using an implant or fat transfer/fat transplantation. Some women also opt to have other procedures after their buttock augmentation.. These can include a tummy tuck and/or a breast lift for a complete body makeover.

How will you look after your buttock augmentation?

Your backside will be rounder and fuller, and your waist will look smaller. You will have a more shapely, sexy, hourglass figure. The results are immediate, however, as there will be some swelling. You will gradually see your true results emerge over time. It can take 6 months to a year to see your final result.

What can you expect during a buttock augmentation

Before you undergo buttock augmentation, I will meet with you to discuss your goals. It will helpful if you bring in photos of women or men whose buttocks are your vision that you would like to achieve. This will help me understand your goals and allow me to customize my buttock augmentation procedure to suit your needs. Currently there are two options for enhancing your buttocks; fat grafting and gluteal implants. During the consultation we will discuss which procedure is right for you. We will also discuss what is involved before, during and after surgery. We will inform you of the benefits, as well as the possible risks and complications involved with the procedures. By the end of the consultation, you will have all of the information you need to make an informed decision.

Preparing for your butt lift

  • These procedures are performed using a general anesthetic, so you will be sleepy afterward. Please make sure to bring someone with you who can drive you home.
  • If you smoke, you will need to stop for a month prior and a month after your procedure. Smoking can slow down your healing process, and it isn't safe to be under general anesthesia if you're a smoker.

After your buttock augmentation:

  • You will not be able to sit immediately after surgery. You will need to lie down most of the time for two weeks after your surgery.
  • You will experience some pain and discomfort for a period of time, as well as some mild bruising and swelling. You will get a pain medication prescription to help you manage your discomfort.
  • You can return to work and other normal daily activities after 2 weeks.
  • Most people can begin exercising again with a couple of months, but this varies from patient to patient. Be sure to check with our Dr. before you begin exercising.
  • Minor irregularities or asymmetry sometimes also require a minor touch-up procedure after your first surgery. This is not the norm, however. For most patients, the buttock augmentation procedure is a relatively easy surgery that brings them a very satisfying outcome.

Your new look

  • You will have fuller, shapelier buttocks that will give you a more voluptuous body and will help your clothes to fit better.
  • Your buttocks will look and feel very natural, whether you have opted for implants or buttock fat transplantation.
  • Many women combine buttock augmentation with other cosmetic procedures such as a tummy tuck or liposuction for full body contouring.
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